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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I place a special order/what can I order?

Absolutely! We welcome special orders and will do our best to find you the lowest price on anything you have in mind. We can order from a wide selection of manufacturers, even if it's something harder to find than your garden variety gun shop would normally have in stock. Browse your favorite manufacturer's site or check out our links section for just a small taste of what we can deliver.

  • What is an FFL?

An FFL is a Federal Firearms License (or Licensee). FFLs are approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to conduct business in the firearms industry. Only a registered FFL may receive firearms from manufacturers, other FFLs, etc, via private carrier and/or USPS shipping. FFLs are also authorized to conduct background checks for new firearms purchasers.

  • What is NICS and/or InstaCheck?

NICS is the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Managed by the FBI, the NICS system allows FFLs to run the usual background paperwork required for every gun sale and/or transfer. In Colorado, NICS checks are submitted  through the CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation).

  • What is the usual transfer process?

Let's say you've won or purchased a firearm online that needs to be shipped to our state. First time customers of Becker Tactical should contact us via e-mail to obtain our pre-registration form and determine dates and availability for the transfer. Having gone through these initial steps, Becker Tactical will then contact the seller on your behalf, and will send a copy of our license to the seller. We can also forward your payment on your behalf so that everything arrives at once. The seller then ships your item(s) to us, and once received, you will be contacted to arrange pick-up. You will then complete the necessary background check paperwork, and receive your firearm.


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