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FFL Transfer Services

  • Receiving a firearm

Won an item on gunbroker.com, auctionarms.com, or any other online firearms auction site? Considering a bid online? We will gladly receive any items you've won and need shipped from another FFL for a fee of $35 for the first firearm, and $20 for each additional firearm transferred at the same time as the first. The initial fee includes the mandatory state fee that must be charged per background check, which is collected by law by all gun dealers in Colorado. Prices are subject to change if the state of Colorado opts to increase their background check fees. Send us a message at info@beckertactical.com to get started, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions section here. All policies below apply.

  • Shipping a firearm

Do you need to ship a firearm? We will happily ship your items for you at a flat rate of $20 per item, plus handling and shipping by your choice of carrier and method, as applicable. This fee includes the logging of your firearm shipment in our permanent ATF records, which is both safe and secure way to legally release a firearm from your possession and liability. You will also find that with our assistance, you can save significant funds by shipping through us, versus trying to go it alone. Let us help you ship your firearm safely and legally, at the most cost effective rate for your application. All policies below apply.

Our Transfer Policies:

OUTGOING (gun transfers shipped from Becker Tactical to another FFL):  
  • Becker Tactical will ship/transfer firearms to other valid FFL’s only (not to individuals).
  • All state laws and ordinances apply.
  • Sorry, no shipments to California.

 INCOMING (gun transfers received by Becker Tactical):
  • All incoming transfers require prior approval via e-mail confirmation and all first time customers are required to complete our short pre-registration process. Send us a message at info@beckertactical.com to get started.
  • For your own protection as well as our own, we will not accept transfers from the following companies (reasons available upon request):

  •     BudsGunshop.com and/or any variation thereof, including: Bud's Police Supply, JetGuns.com, Security Safe Outlet, or any new offshoot name they've come up with to hide from numerous negative customer reviews. Buyer beware!
  •     ImpactGuns.com
  • Please feel free to contact us in advance if you have not worked with a seller and would like to know if we have worked with them in the past or found them to be disreputable.



  • Outgoing Transfer Fee & Shipping (from Becker Tactical to another FFL): For outgoing guns being purchased from and/or sold by Becker Tactical, the transfer fee is waived but you will be assessed shipping, handling & insurance for the package(s). All other outgoing transfers (not purchased from Becker Tactical) will be charged $20.00 per firearm plus SHIPPING, HANDLING & INSURANCE IN ADDITION TO THE TRANSFER FEE.
  • Incoming Transfer Fee (from a third-party FFL to Becker Tactical): For pre-approved incoming transfers, our transfer fee is $30.00 for a single firearm, and $20 for each additional firearm transferred at the same time. The state-mandated tax/fee is included with the first transfer, hence the additional cost. The state tax applies to the background check only, so if you have multiple firearms on one form, you will only have to pay the state tax once. (e.g. if you purchase two firearms on the same day, you will pay the state tax only once, plus two $20.00 transfer fees for a total of $50.00)
  • Special Notice: Any unapproved / misrepresented / unauthorized firearms that make their way to Becker Tactical as an incoming transfer without prior approval will be refused and returned to the sender.


  • Becker Tactical requires that your transfer dealer supply us with a signed copy of their FFL. We will also provide a copy of our license to that dealer. Please have your FFL contact us for details. WE WILL NOT PROVIDE A COPY OF OUR LICENSE TO AN INDIVIDUAL / NON-FFL HOLDER, and for your protection as well as our own, we do not receive transfers from unlicensed private parties.
  • All inbound transfers must be clearly labeled or marked with the transferee's name on the outside of the box. Packages without a transferee name and/or any non-pre-approved/unrecognized packages may be refused and returned to the sender.
  • The original purchaser (name on the invoice) is the only one allowed to claim the firearm. You may not send someone else to claim the transfer firearm.
  • Becker Tactical will not be responsible for any damage, loss or theft incurred during shipping. Please make sure that the shipping FFL correctly insures the incoming transfer package. Likewise, we will require minimum insurance on all outgoing packages.
  • All federal, state and local laws must be observed.
  • In order to take possession of the firearm, the purchaser / transferee must successfully complete ATF form 4473 (the background check).
  • If a transfer recipient is denied during the background check, (i.e. s/he fails the background check), the firearm must be returned at the expense of the transferee. Accordingly, the transferee will be assessed a fee of $40 ($20 for the inbound and $20 for the consequent outbound transfer), along with the state tax for the background check, for a $50 total fee.
  • After a period of 180 days, any unpaid / unclaimed / abandoned transfers become the property of Becker Tactical.



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